"Ultra-dream deluxe" –
The beginning of "DJ der guten Laune"

Working as a DJ is something I am already doing since many years – and good vibes have always been joining my life. But my title as "DJ der guten Laune" (~ "DJ of good vibes") was just born after my video became a HIT on Youtube. Meanwhile this original and first video has been watched by more than 3 million people. I think people just recognize and like that I like what I am doing: Spinning the records with full pleasure. Summarizing my videos on Youtube I can count more than 12 million views.

In Mai 2010 I was supposed to arrange the music for a wedding not far from my hometown in West Germany. The weather was bright, the atmosphere cheerful and the people who helped me building up my system have been extremely kind. So there have only been happy omen for a lovely and hilarious evening.

For my opening I decided for more slow and calm music to start the evening gently: with songs by Art of Noise, Enya and some early tracks from the Bee Gees the hall soon was filled with a warm atmosphere.

As the traditional wedding speeches began the music stopped and everybody was listening and cheering the bridal couple. Those sentimental words made many people cry and there have been so many emotions in the hall that I had to react on this in my musical way.

Right away I opened the dance floor as the couple started with their first dance to "Undisclosed desires" by Muse. The dance floor was filled very quickly and I kept them dancing with groovy sounds from ethnostyle to rock, foxtrot and house music. When I started playing David Guetta the spirit was overwhelming! After "When love takes over" I put "Memories" – a song which I discovered with my colleague Caro just a few weeks before. We heard this track at about 7 in the very morning hours in the office, via rattling PC-loudspeakers – but nonetheless I have not been stoppable. I was floundering and dancing wildly to the music. And finally I was in the same mood on this wedding eve. Sven recognized what happened and pulled out his camera to film what I was doing - today everybody can see on Youtube how it looks like when I unleash myself in happiness. One day after the wedding he put the sequence on YouTube. Nobody would have expected what happened with this clip. All these people who watched and enjoyed and spread it… Already after a few weeks the index of one million was reached.

My "job" at this wedding lasted until the early morning hours. Tired – but being in a very good temper – I made my way home. Not knowing that soon people all around the globe will watch me freak out. And if this is what makes people happy – it makes me happy! Today I am on tour all around the clock for TV and radio shows, gala, private and public shows, festivals, etc.